Lucky ’13

It’s said that whatever you do on New Year’s Day is a reflection of what you’ll do all year long. I sure hope that’s true.

On the first day of 2013, I started my day in yoga class with lots of deep breathing and long “ommmmms”. My resolution is to be more fearless and with that in mind, my attempts at inversions and back bends were happily met with greater ease.

He on the other hand woke up inspired and was off to the kitchen for concocting. His creative brain was busy that morning piecing together a southern meal for good luck and good fortune filled with black-eyed peas, collard greens and pork.

That afternoon out came extra tables and chairs and “supper club” friends were called. Casually they arrived with hugs and well wishes…one by one by one.

bloody mary with dilly beans and candied bacon

The impromptu celebration was kicked off with Harrison’s (now) famous spicy Bloody Marys filled with horseradish ice and garnished with dilly beans and sugared bacon shared all around.

Later he followed those up with blackberry, mint and maple cocktails just as the soft January sun set.

blackberry mint cocktail

We exchanged resolutions; we laughed at resolutions and we revised resolutions all while The Black Keys played.

candle-lit mantle
We ate in good spirits. Thirteen of us, oddly and appropriately enough, to welcome 2013.

new years dinner tablescapemixed greens salad with beets, blue cheese and garden radishes{Mixed Greens with  roasted beets, goat cheese, spiced pecans, radicchio, radishes (fresh from our garden!) with aged balsamic drizzle}

stauber farm lamb{Roasted Leg of Stauber Farm Lamb on a Himalayan Salt Block with herbs, shallot & roasted garlic}

pork roulades{background: Grilled Pork Tenderloin Roulade with havarti, charred red pepper, asparagus, scallion & oven roasted tomato & fig balsamic  // foreground: Spinach & Tomato Pie with mascarpone, ricotta, roasted garlic & onion}

new years day buffet{foreground: Creamed Collard Greens with toasted pecans, blue cheese, mascarpone & homemade bacon}

old fashioned chocolate cake{Marlene’s chocolate cake with raspberry filling & chocolate sour cream icing}

new years eve buffet line

{throw in some hoppin’ john with our black-eyed peas, smoked pork, sauteed collards and you have….  just a modest little Littell spread…}

That night we said ‘cheers’ to celebrating each other and to the community that food builds together.

its a wrap

And today we again say ‘cheers’ to delicious new beginnings, a lucky ’13 and to all of you.


Until we toast to new beginnings & dear friends again,


Collards And Hoppin’ John

Since it’s our first day back in town following a two-week stint down south, we’re considering this to be the official start of our “New Year” here in Vermont.  All day we have been dreaming and scheming new plans.  And thanks to the inspired southern new year meal Harrison cooked up for us this past week, we’re hoping luck will be on our side as we navigate the big year ahead.

Southern New Year Meal Recipes Collards and Hoppin John

Luck or no luck, it sure was good.

Here’s a peek inside the impromptu dinner date we shared with Harrison’s mom and step-dad at the family’s catering kitchen back in Winston-Salem where we reflected on the year behind and encouraged good fortune in the year ahead…

Black-eyed peas are said to represent coins and good luck. Folklore says to eat one black-eyed pea for each day of the year. I love them so much I think I doubled my luck.

Collard greens are said to represent wealth and symbolize folding money

Our take on hoppin john: black-eyed peas, cabbage, carrot, onion

First he was sauteing and tossing...


Then he was tieing and knotting so his "photographer" didn't miss a beat...


Cheers to new beginnings!

 What New Year’s tradition does your family share?

Until we dine and dream again,
A + H