Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktails {Sunday Brunch}

Yesterday we headed over to the Capital City Farmers Market to pick up a few pumpkins for Halloween. 

Pumpkins at Capital City Farmers Market Vermont

Check out the stems on these guys.

But we got distracted and left with vodka and short ribs instead. 

Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Vodka Hardwick Vermont

We were captivated by this vodka crafted from pure raw honey so much so that we forgot the pumpkins. Plus, I just adore the packaging... yes, I'm on of "those".

Greenfield Highland Beef Short Ribs - Vermont

And seriously. How could we resist fresh short ribs from Greenfield Highland Beef? More on what we did with these guys in another post...

So sorry kids.  No cool jack-o’-lanterns at the Littells this year.  We whipped up one of our most favorite cocktails using our favorite new vodka instead. 

Fresh Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Recipe Vermont

Sunday fun-day.

Let’s let loose on our signature Spicy Bloody Marys, shall we?

Ingredients – the goodness:

  • (1/2) cup of vodka – we used Calendonia Spirits Barr Hill Vodka and couldn’t be happier.
  • (1) quart (OR 4 cups) of organic tomato juice – we used RW Knudsen Family and loved the consistency.
  • (1) lemon, zested and juiced
  • (1) large garlic clove
  • (3) tablespoons of fresh horseradish – we used Rabbi’s Roots Horseradish and love the kick!
  • (1) tablespoon of worcestershire
  • (2) tablespoons of Sriracha hot sauce
  • (1) and (1/2) teaspoons of Kosher salt
  • (1) teaspoon of black pepper
  • pickled okra (optional)

    Fresh Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Recipe Vermont

    The stars of today's show. Yaya's pickled okra, Rabbi's Roots Horseradish, and Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Vodka

1. First, pull out your blender ya’ll.  That’s where it’s all going down.

2. You’ll want to first zest your lemon straight into the blender.  Then, juice that same lemon separately using a small strainer and pour in.  By using both the zest and the juice you’re able to fully utilize the lemon, reducing waste.  Plus, that zest will add a bright spark to your cocktail.  You’ll see…

How to zest a fresh lemon

Grab a microplane to zest your lemon. Zest gently careful not to grate the white pith just beneath.

3.  Next add your garlic, horseradish, worcestershire sauce, sriracha, salt and pepper.  Pulse these ingredients gently in the blender to (of course) blend.  Note: You want to leave your mixture slightly chunky.

4.  Now, pour in your tomato juice and again pulse until blended.

5.  Finally, add your vodka (feel free to increase amount based on your preference… and tolerance) and add (5) ice cubes.  Then turn your blender on high and blend until smooth.

Fresh Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Recipe Vermont

Add that ice, ice baby.

6. Serve it up with your favorite accompaniments and enjoy! 
….We like ours with Yaya’s (translation: Harrison’s grandmother’s) pickled okra.  Nom! Nom! Nom!…

Homemade Bloody Mary Mix Receipe


Until we “get saucy” again,
A + H

Find A Farmers Market – Be Inspired!

When we stumbled upon the Capital City Farmers Market earlier this month, we were like kids in a candy shop.  Voted one of the Best 12 Farmer’s Markets by The Daily Green, this eclectic gem of a Farmers Market has been bringing local consumers and local producers together for over 30 years. 

Farmers Market Montpelier Vermont

Capital City Farmers Market open Saturdays from 9am - 1pm May through October. Located at 60 State Street, downtown Montpelier.

Music, samples, people watching, samples, incredible local farmers, samples.  Let’s just say we’re big fans and Saturday mornings at the farmers market have become an extra special treat. What do we love? Walking in and brainstorming how to make a meal out of it all.  Chatting with the vendors always inspires something new.  Plus, there’s nothing better than supporting local food producers. The food’s tastier, more nutritious and *gasp*, fresh!  Yes, we’re good food groupies and we just can’t hide it. 

Montpelier Farmers Market Vermont

People watching - a bonus! Find Waldo...

Here are our finds from our first week (brussel sprouts, grass fed tenderloin and Hartwell cheese… plus, locally cured Damn Fine bacon from our corner sto’:  Uncommon Market.)

Capital City Farmers Market Montpelier Vermont


Special shout out to: Ploughgate Creamery in Albany, Vermont.  Your Hartwell cheese is a dream.   Cheese lovers: think Brie on steriods. Hypothetically speaking of course…

And here’s the meal we made out of it all:

Capital City Farmers Market Montpelier Vermont

Double Score! Grass fed beef tenderloin with a red wine pan reduction, Hartwell and roasted garlic polenta, sauteed brussel sprouts with onion and local Damn Fine bacon. Cheers!

It’s our weekly splurge on the new budget. An extra special dinner date made with love, all for under 40 bucks.  As we like to say “Now that’s what’s up!”   Be inspired, let loose – find a local farmers market near you.

Until we explore again,
A & H