A Bit About Us

Isn’t it funny where life leads you when you just let loose and let it?

That is something we’ve embraced since we said “I Do” and we have been following our noses to new experiences ever since.

We started this blog right around the time we turned 30. We were newlyweds, had just sold our first home and had moved our life to Vermont. Harrison was fulfilling his dream of finally attending culinary school after many, many years working in his family’s catering business. This blog was my place to document the ride.

I like to say that it was in Vermont that I entered food rehab. I went from microwaving to making from scratch; from drive-thrus to farm stands; from cans and boxes to picking and canning. We moved for Harrison but in the end we think it might have been equally for me.

In Vermont our passion for food grew ten-fold. And so did our love for working side by side. He cooks and I photograph. He explains how-to and I write. He learns hands-on and I read his textbooks to ask questions. He executes our menus flawlessly and I make sure our guests are enjoying themselves. He continues to inspire me. I continue to challenge him.

We are also fortunate to have found an inspiring group of ‘good food’ friends along the way. They have instilled in us the true meaning of “community” and it is in that spirit that our blog continues on…

At the moment, life has led us back to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. While we’re here, we also strive to create new farm to table experiences with the community in our home state. Ultimately, it is our dream to one day have a small farm and restaurant and do it all on one site. Him in the kitchen; me with camera and pen in hand… We’ll see…

So although the New England culinary adventure has ended, we know that a whole new adventure is about to unfold. We hope you’ll continue to join us here to share in new recipes, hidden treasures and the stories behind the passionate local growers, cooks, artisans and proprietors we meet.

Come celebrate the community that food builds with us.


3 responses

  1. Annie, I really love your photos. I also loved the comments. I will continue to follow your site. I am so very proud of you. My number one granddaughter!
    Grandma son.

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