The holiday season is like a race to the finish line in this family. Here, the advent calendar serves as a countdown to sleep and a startling reminder of the diminishing number of days left to get it all done.

Wrapping paper flies and delicate bows are tied with a fury. We run through that final gift list as the stores’ doors close with a bang of finality on Christmas Eve. Ah Christmas; or more accurately – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Christmas!!

christmas tree 2012

Do you ever feel the same?

But on that night before Christmas, as our table was set, the candles were lit and we hugged and cooked all that warms our souls, the season finally settled in. There was a comfort in the stillness that night and we were merry….

christmas candles 2012

christmas eve table 2012

beet salad

And thanks to this ginormous standing rib roast, we all fell asleep peacefully and well fed.

standing rib roast


christmas eve dinner 2012

devils food cake cookie sandwich with peppermint gelato

Until we eat with twinkling lights and merry hearts again,



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