Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal.

Today kicks off my 31st year.  Farewell 30. You have been one of most favorite years yet….

I learned how to drive in the snow…

And decided I’d rather walk.

I learned how to casually cross country ski…

And thanks to a wrong turn, I raced downhill with wide eyes too.

I helped plant my first seeds…

And with a little patience, I saw some pretty fabulous things grow.

I road tripped around New England with my fly guy…

And ordered a croissant with a French accent in Montreal.

I ate and ate and ate…
And even stepped up my own kitchen game a bit.

I picked up my first “fancy” camera…

And fell in love with learning how to tell stories with light.

Ultimately I started following my heart…

And imagine that, there lie my happy place.

Here’s to living 365 days to the fullest. Because after all life is not a dress rehearsal. When will you get to be 31 again?



2 responses

  1. Happy birthday sweet lady! I hope you guys are doing well, and hope to see you again someday…………….Ya Buddy……………..Tommy

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