Pigs and Pippens

How’s your October been friends? Ours is zooming by. This week we walked out of the kitchen and finally paused. Beautiful colors all around. Awestruck. It’s as if the leaves had changed overnight.

Don’t you just love this time of year?

Last fall, my mom came to visit us in Vermont for some foliage and apple picking. She and I continued that tradition here in North Carolina this weekend.

Only this year we threw in pork.

Saturday brought the annual Harvest Day at Old Salem.

This year’s celebration was all about the ‘pigs and pippens’.  Translation – apples!

We taste tested apples.

Some with more ‘character’ than others.

We saw them pressed.

(We did not wear costumes)

We bought apples. We (almost) bought ourselves an apple tree.

We learned a lot; like which apples are best for eating fresh from the tree, which are best for cooking, which are better for cider.

And did you know that there are over 500 old southern apple varieties still in existence today?

The nice folks at Century Farm Orchard gave us the rundown. These people know their apples. Their family has owned and operated their orchard for over 100 years. Today they focus on cultivating old southern apples that are available today while providing others with the opportunity to grow the apples that older generations grew for necessity. Century Farm is hosting open house events throughout November. We’re hoping to visit. Check out their website for more info. Maybe we’ll see you there…

All of that apple education worked up an appetite. Or maybe it was the smell of grilled sausages in the air… anywho… we followed our noses over to Meadow Family Farms for this:

Husband and wife team, Kenneth and Dani Strader run Meadows Family Farms with a focus on growing grass fed beef, free range pork and poultry. Thanks to their dedication, their customers (which now include us!) can enjoy protein products without added nitrates, hormones, growth stimulates, and chemicals or preservatives. They are also animal welfare approved and work everyday to “draw from the old to grow something new, always striving to enhance and preserve their farm for future generations”.

I raved so much about Meadow Family Farms to Harrison that he left the kitchen to come check them out. They were kind enough to send him home with samples – kielbasa, thick cut bacon, brats. We can’t wait to pair their pork with our fresh Levering Orchard Apples.

Mmmm… is it time for dinner yet?

Until we celebrate pigs and pippens again,

a + h


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