While On Internship {Adventures in Culinary School}

Hi friends.  How was your Valentine’s week?  We ate our way through ours with sushi, loads of tacos from Montpelier’s newest addition Mad Taco, and a cozy memorable dinner at Michael’s on the Hill.  And to balance it off we spent a few hours hiking our way through the rapidly melting snow trying not to break a leg.

For actual Valentine’s Day itself, he was busy at the restaurant cooking his way through a special prix fixe menu for Joe public to savor. 

And the next night, I savored the leftovers.

Since it’s been awhile since we last peeked over into the land of culinary school, today we wanted to serve up a quick pictorial to share some plates he created for the day of love while on internship.

{ Side note:  This is a behind the scenes look via camera phone and text messages.  If only I could get back there with my camera.  Actually, scratch that.  I’d be run over during dinner service.  Anyhow, enjoy! }

Oysters Rockefeller - classic broiled oysters of spinach, watercress and fennel. Beer Pairing - St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, Brasserie McAuslan in Montreal, QC, Canada







  Until we take you behind the scenes again,A+ H  


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