The Warren Store in Warren VT {Date-Trippin}

I’m a sucker for covered bridges and general stores.  The nostalgia of it all.  This week for a date-trip he took me to both with a stop by The Warren Store.

Stepping inside is like stepping back in time, albeit with a more sophisticated flair.  Rows and rows of mass-produced boxes and cans are replaced by charming locally made treats and carefully curated favorites.

Standard stark beverage coolers are replaced with beautiful antique ice box refrigerators full of interesting brews and flavors. And the deli and baked goods section is just a dream.  We can’t seem to leave the place without a handful of impulsively bought randomness each time we visit.

This week’s randomness: a bag of mixed maple nuts, a homemade whoopie pie, and a highly touted bottle of Lawson’s Finest Liquid (a hard to snag local jewel and hands down my favorite beer sampled in Vermont so far).

Swing by their online store for your own randomness like a Keep Vermont Weird tee or a bag of penny candy. Or come pay us a visit, and we’ll be happy to drive back over the bridge and show you the way.

Until we date-trip again,

A + H


6 responses

  1. You all just “take the cake” with your ventures and “dates”! Harrison, your Dad and Angela and I sure made some fun trips, in years back–you’re just a chip off the ol’ block!! Just love it!!
    Thanks for blogging Andrea! It’s soooooo appreciated!! Pictures, recipes and trips are all just facinating–keep ’em coming!!! It’s going to be a book or movie–maybe both!!!!

    • Linda, that is too funny! He is a chip off the old block. Always a new adventure to be had. I enjoy just trying to keep up!

      And thanks alot Tom! I thought you might appreciate some of these hidden spots. I’m trying to keep an eye out for you. 😉

  2. Beautiful photos and great comments but what about the More Store upstairs? Did you climb the rainbow staircase to “shopping heaven”?

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