Bohemian Bakery + Morse Farm {Stuck in Vermont}

When we moved here we quickly realized that Vermont is like another country.  Billboards, fast food chains and national big box stores are replaced by covered bridges, hidden treasures, silos and lots of snow.  And there is not a week that goes by where someone does not ask, “so what exactly do you do up there?”.  Since I now have this fancy new camera (thanks 30th birthday!) and plenty of time on my hands, I thought it would be neat to occasionally step out of the kitchen and give you a little pictorial peek at what it’s like to be stuck in Vermont.

Here’s a look at a sunny Sunday afternoon…

After a quick breakfast sandwich
We jumped in the Jeep, cranked up the heat and wandered up again to visit Robert and Annie at Bohemian Bakery.  Naturally we were late to meet some friends and thus were met with a round of applause upon arrival.  “Look who finally made it” they said.  After our morning trying to get the show on the road, we were just as shocked as they were.

But our attention was quickly diverted as our eyes locked in on what was up for grabs that day…

Mmmm... maybe one of those.

Oh those...

Seriously... how much cash did we bring?

OK we'll start with one of these.

After an hour or so we waved our goodbyes with an extra pep in our step thanks to our high-octane cappuccinos and good eats.  We then were off to Morse Farm for some festive tourist fun and local holiday shopping.

Family and friends, we'll give you one guess as to what you're getting for Christmas...

But hey, at least it’s the good stuff… see…

often imitated.

never duplicated.

We then headed out back to check out this goat named Otis we’ve been hearing about…(yeah, I said goat.)

Otis and her sheep. Yes, Otis is a girl. We loved that although they had this giant field, they choose to carefully walk their own tiny little dug path. So focused.

Smile for the camera.

Her claim to fame: You put a little food in her duct taped food can and she'll climb a tower...

...and use this little pulley to shimmy it up.

People say she loves it, but to me her eyes read "I got to get a new trick".

The sheep rolled her eyes from ground level.

After that excitement and Harrison declared we’re getting a goat, we wandered over to the Morse Farm sugar house to see where it all goes down and I could go and stalk the Christmas trees for sale…

This guy scared the bejesus out of me when I turned the corner...

Side note: Vermonters love their wood piles. Everyone has one... except us.

This is the first year we are not getting a Christmas tree... something about budgets and going home. BUT if I were to get one, I'd like this guy. I think he looks perfectly "Christmastime in Vermont".

Until we roam the back roads again,

A + H


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  1. Hey! This is one of my favorite posts so far, but mostly because I tell EVERYONE to go see Otis at Morse Farm!! And her trick is absolutely fantastic! She has got to be the smartest goat on the planet. I am so glad you and Harrison got a chance to head out there. I take all of my family and friends to go see her. She is at least 10 years old now, which is old for a goat I have been told. Now I really want to go out and see her again…Also, in the summertime, the Maple Creemees at Morse Farm are perfect.


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