Meats, Cheeses and Other Souvenirs {Sunday Brunch}

Last Sunday Harrison traded his chef coat for a fancy tie and headed to Cambridge, Mass for a sponsored wine pairing at T.W. Food and an inspiring lecture by Ferran Adria at Harvard.  NECI offered a handful of tickets to students for the event and he was lucky enough to snag one.

To say that I was envious of this ticket and trip is a serious understatement.

While in town he stopped by Formaggio Kitchen and sent me this taunting pic…

Mmm... meats, cheeses, heaven.

He’s a wise one though.  He knew he better not return home to sleepy MontP empty handed, so home he came with some fine souvenirs and an energized tone in his voice.

The remnants.

Today we’re pulling together a few of those Formaggio leftovers including Coomersdale by Bonnieview Farm (aged sheep’s milk), Queso Azul de Valdeon (Spanish blue cheese) and house-made chorizo and we’re pairing them with fresh Elmore Mountain Bread and arugula for some melt in your mouth breakfast sandwiches.

This bread here is Harrison's own olive ciabatta topped with Formaggio Kithen's thinly sliced chorizo.

You might call these eggs "over-easy", "sunny side up", "fried". I call them "dunken" as in you dunk your toast in 'em.

We used Elmore Mountain's Country French bread for this sandwich. They are based in Elmore, Vermont (of course!).

From their website: Each loaf is handmade and attended to from start to finish, a 16-hour process.

And this is just our warm up.   Off we go to Bohemian Bakery for a sweet second course.

Happy Sunday .

Until we play with meat and cheese again,

A + H


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