Bohemian Bakery {Field Trip to East Calais}

We interrupt our weekly Sunday Brunch post again this weekend as we hit the road in search of inspiring sights and good eats.  Today we piled in a Subaru with neighbors turned tour guides turned dear friends Jen and Ian this time bound for Bohemian Bakery in East Calais, Vermont.

Look, we know the term “hidden treasure” is used a lot but here in the good ol’ Green Mountain State when they say “hidden”, they mean it.  As the paved roads turned to dirt to winding to “where exactly are we?!” roads, we pull into the busy drive of a quaint yellow house marked with a simple sign. 

Bohemian Bread East Calais Vermont

The view as we wait.

We actually waited outdoors for a bit as its standing room only inside.  Once the crowd parted and we walked inside, the buildup was not busted as we set our eyes on the freshly baked goods.  

Bohemian Bread East Calais Vermont

The temptation to devour took over and I looked at Harrison mouthing “pace yourself”.

I had the asparagus and swiss quiche and Jen chose an almond-something-fabulous-wish-I-had-the-name pastry.  Harrison picked a veggie packed sandwich on freshly baked focaccia bread and Ian, a big flaky croissant ordered appropriately with a French accent.  Plus, there were some decadent coffees all around.  That coffee alone was so good and so rich making it so worth the drive… and my eyes are still so big as I write this weaning off my cappuccino high.

We met the lovely owners Robert (who has more than 30 years experience in food service, baking and specialty coffee) and Annie (who also owns a virtual marketing agency called Yellow Pop Group). Robert introduced us to Taylor who recently moved from Brooklyn and runs the fantastic website, Good Food Jobs. Then we met more neighbors from our street who just so happened to have headed up the winding 30 minute path on this Sunday afternoon as well.  Before we knew it the small space was buzzing with conversation, questions, introductions and connections.  This unassuming field trip to Bohemian Bakery turned out to be a reminder of why life here is Vermont is unlike any other.  What’s the best way to describe it? Ah yes, refreshing. Yep. That’s it.

Bohemian Bread has been filling the shelves of co-ops here locally since 2003 and not until recently did they open their doors for visits.  Each Sunday from 10:00am – 3:00pm you can swing by for something savory or something sweet.  We’re looking forward to many a repeat visits, especially next spring to see all those surrounding gardens in bloom.

Until we road trip it again,
A + H


3 responses

  1. What an absolute treat this trip was for me!!! The one question I have is do they do any
    mail order–not the same I know but from California–too much in one day!!! lol
    Thanks for sharing with us envious people!!!! We’re lovin’ it!!!!

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