Nerdy Thirties

Today, I Andrea, am 30.  It’s official.  Sayonora twenties.  I bid you adieu.

Some of the things I happily leave to my twenties…
1.  Smoking: Yes, I did it.  I quit it.  And I gag at the thought of doing it again.
2.  Fast Food: Yes I loved it.  I made a meal out of it.  I can’t PROMISE I won’t ever eat it, but no longer will it be my go-to… never again.
3.  Pop (as in the midwestern soda variety):   I won’t share how many cans of pop I actually put down in a single day.  Truthfully, I kind of lost count.  Farewell Mountain Dew.  We will always have college.

What I invite into my thirties…
1.  Real Food:  I’ve learned what “from scratch” really means and that “homemade” really is fun.  I’ve learned what it means to eat fresh and taste (even feel) the difference.  I will continue to learn.  I will continue to be inspired, grow, have fun.
2.  Real Risks:  I won’t just dare to dream, I will finally dare to do.  Little by little.  Each and every day. I WILL let loose.
3.  Real Adventure:  Look, I admit it.  I can be a little “uptight”, “polite”, “reserved”.  This decade I’m letting go.  Pushing myself.  Really traveling.  Embracing the journey.  Hell, I may just take on snowboarding this winter after all (ok, maybe just cross-country skiing…but still, ADVENTURE!)

Hmm… there appears to be a trend.

And because no post is complete without something delicious, here are a few treats from this year’s birthday festivities…

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Winston Salem NC

Did you know Krispy Kreme doughnuts originated in our hometown Winston-Salem, NC? Well, they did. And here's a little taste of home from some amazing old friends.

Pistachio Gifts

Sooo... in addition to doughnuts, I'm also a pistachio addict. A sweet new friend helped feed my addiction.

Parker Pie Pizza Northeast Kingdom in Vermont

New find during our Vermont "birthday weekend adventures": Parker Pie Company in the Northeast Kingdom. Favorite new "flavor": Green Mountain Special - cheddar, baby spinach, red onion, VT smoke & cure bacon, apple and fresh garlic drizzled with (of course) maple syrup

Brussels Sprouts on stalk

Who knew you could buy brussels sprouts on a stalk? Now I do and looking forward to eating these for birthday dinner.

OH AND… great news! I have a fancy pants new camera coming my way! I’m vowing to up the ante on our food shots and seriously cannot wait. 

Hola thirties.  I look forward to getting to know you.  Cheers to what you have in store!



8 responses

  1. Hi H and A,
    This is fantastic and so much fun to read/see through!! H, your
    Dad gave me your Blog info yesterday and I just LOVE it!! Just
    keep it comin’!
    I haven’t made anything yet–but I will!!!!
    You two keep up your fantastic journey through this big life!!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!
    Linda Knight

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