When The Cat’s Away {Organic Pizza and Beer}

He left me.

OK, just for nine days but it felt like an eternity.  I told my friend Jen that it was karma.  I picked on him for being dramatic when I left town for two weeks.  Guess the joke’s on me.

As you can imagine he wasn’t all that I missed.  For nine days I was forced to feed myself.  (Yes, cue world’s smallest violin).  I started the week trying out new recipes like this, but by day four I reverted back to my “frat guy” ways and grabbed a frozen pizza and beer. 

I have to tell you. I am totally smitten with what I snagged and yes, it’s not a fabulous recipe but it is a highly recommended lazy day option from me to you.

American Flatbread Pizza – Revolution:
If the company’s mission statement wasn’t great enough, “to provide good, flavorful, nutritious food that gives both joy and health, and to share this food with others in ways sustainable to all”, the pizza’s dough is made with 100% organic flour and topped with locally sourced fine cheeses.  Simply put, delish. 

Here’s a coupon for you in case you want to give one a try.   Here’s where to find them.

American Flatbread Frozen Pizza

“Food is fundamental. It is our most direct and intimate link with the world. The act of eating invites that which is foreign–and from the outside–in. The elements of food become the elements of ourselves. It is food that gives us both form and strength.” ~ George Schnek, founder of American Flatbread

Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale:
Smooth like an English brown ale with a nutty finish, this organic beer is from a small craft brewing company based in Portland, Maine.  Peak Organic Beer is brewed from fine artisanal ingredients and stems from a dedication and passion for sustainability.  According to the brewery’s website, they “collaborate with other local purveyors, organic farmers, creative chefs, and like-minded organizations to create a tasty beer in the best way possible.”  Misson accomplished.  Another fan is born.

Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale
The beer’s name was inspired by celebrating life’s peak moments.  To promote this concept, the company invites customers to share their peak moments with others on their website.  Maybe I’ll share a shot of me welcoming Harrison back home. 


Until we eat again,

A + (come back soon!!!) H


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