Chilaquiles – {Sunday Brunch}

People sometimes ask if it’s “difficult being married to a chef”.  Long hours, working holidays and weekends, stereotypical temper… yeah, yeah, yeah.  Sure it’s not you’re typical lifestyle but let me tell you patience has its perks (and well, my chef-husband pretty much breaks the mold). 

Take this week for instance.  En route back to Vermont from a few days working in Texas (which felt like another country by the way), I called to let him know I was running late because “the east coast earthquake” delayed my flight (how random was that?!).  “No worries,” he said.  “I’ll have dinner for you whenever you get here”.  

I eventually landed, wandered the parking garage frantically looking for the Commando (got to start paying attention to where I park), and headed back to the place that now feels like home with the hands “casually” at 10 and 2.

Driving Home from Airport

Yeah, I think I kind of like it here. And yes, I still am using my GPS.. just in case.

After a quick attack by the gremlins as I walked in the door, the aroma hit me.  Our new family favorite, chilaquiles, must be bubbling in the oven. 

Mexican chilaquiles recipe

We think we might have been Mexican in another life. Follow the blog and you'll see a trend.

 And what’s that beside it?  A freshly made mojito to wash away the day of traveling delays. Yep, he’s a good one.

Freshly Made Mojito

Bottoms Up! Nice and refreshing with fresh mint from our patio garden.

Since this dish just so happens to be a traditional Mexican breakfast/brunch item, we thought we would give you a little south of the border inspiration for your Sunday. 

Let’s let loose on some chilaquiles, shall we?

Ingredients for your Chilaquiles:

–  (1) regular sized bag of tortilla chips – (crushed lightly in bag)
–  (1) whole chicken – roasted (or poached if you want with a little garlic, onion and salt/pepper) / cooled /pulled off the bone
     Quick Tip:  Swing by your local grocery store and pick up a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken
–  (1) recipe of salsa verde – (keep it hot ya’ll)
–  (1) package of Queso Fresco (we LOVE Ploughgate Creamery)

1.  Put your salsa verde (recipe down below) and chips is a large sauce pot.

Chilaquiles Recipe

Commonly known as the "poor man's dish", chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican food made with leftover corn tortillas. "Poor Man." Sounds like a culinary school student.

2.  Cook on low until your chips start to weep (not crying, but soaking up the salsa verde)

3.  Add your shredded chicken, mix and heat thoroughly.

Chilaquiles Recipe with Shredded Chicken

We have found around 7:30p grocery stores start to offer a discount on rotisserie chicken. Always trying to save a buck!

Chilaquiles Recipe

The ingredients for chilaquiles are really flexible... eggs, pulled pork, beans... let loose.

4.  Grease a 9″ x 9″ glass Pyrex dish and then add your mixture and cover with foil.

5.  Bake for 30-40 minutes on 325 degrees.

6.  Pull out, remove foil and sprinkle… OK, let’s be honestsmother the top with cheese.

7.  Put back in the oven for 5 minutes to melt your cheese and voila!

Moving on…

Ingredients for your (Caliente!) Salsa Verde:

–  (8) to (10) medium tomatillos, husks removed
–  (1) whole jalapeno pepper, stems removed, leave those seeds
–  (1) poblano pepper, diced
–  (1) large yellow onion, diced
–  (5) cloves of garlic, whole
–  (2/3) cup of fresh cilantro
–  salt and pepper to taste
–  (1) pint of water (or 2 cups)
    Helpful Hint:  If you want your salsa to be less liquid, guess what? Use less water.  
     Another Helpful Hint:  Sometimes if we roast or poach a chicken, we reserve some liquid and pan drippings and add that to salsa instead of water.

1. First remove the papery husks from your tomatillos by placing them in a large pot of hot (not boiling) tap water for a few minutes.  Then remove the outer skin by hand.

How to make salsa verde

Mise en place. Everything's in place for our salsa verde.

How to remove skin from tomatillo peppers

After a brief soak in hot water, gently begin removing the papery husks (outer skin).

How to remove skin from tomatillo peppers

Easy does it.

“].”]How to remove skin from tomatillo peppers

"Before" on your left. "After" on your right.

2.  In a saute pan, on medium-high heat (so you can get some color into the salsa), saute the peppers, onion and garlic until carmelization starts.

3.  Next, add your tomatillos and saute for 5 minutes on medium-low heat.

How to make salsa verde
Smelling good now!

4.  Then add your water and cilantro and get ready to blend.

5.  Pour your mixture into a blender or food processor and blend until you reach a smooth salsa consistency. 

How to make salsa verde

Pour all your ingredients into your blender.

How to make salsa verde

Blend but be sure not to puree.

And finally!

Plate up your chilaquiles, add your salsa verde on top, and dig in!

Chilaquiles Recipe

Salsa verde, pico de gallo and cilantro avocado sour cream... can't get enough.

Additonal suggestions:
We like to save a cup or so of salsa verde to go with our finished dish.  A small diced onion and/or a sprinkle of fresh cilantro also make great toppings as well as some fresh pico de gallo. 

A fun twist – whip up some of our cilantro avocado sour cream!


–  (1/2) cup of fresh cilantro
–  (1) avocado
–  juice of (1) lime
–  salt and pepper to taste
–  (1) 12 oz. jar of sour cream

Combine ingredients in blender.  Blend! Ta-da!

Cooking Newlyweds

Now, if only I could figure out how to take our picture

Until we eat again,

A + H


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