{Playing With Food} – Interactive Sushi Station

Yesterday, Harrison’s catering class was in charge of feeding hungry, curious prospective students as the grand finale of their “come and see” campus tour.  He and his classmates were invited to pick an item to serve during the hour-long hor d’oeuvre reception.  Some were assigned canapes, some were assigned bruschetta… what does my “keep it out of the box” husband choose?  A roll your own interactive sushi station. 

Does he make a lot of sushi on his own? Well, no. Not usually.
Did he nail it?  Um, yes.

Roll Your Own Sushi Station

I'm so bummed I missed this tour. Doesn't it look like fun!?

Vegetable Carvings using food coloring

A new twist, he experimented with food coloring to create the "blue onion". I learned this after I asked "where did you get the blue onion?"


Vegetable Carvings using food coloring

Nerd fact: Most popular theory states that vegetable carving originated in Thailand.

Roll Your Own Interactive Sushi Stations - Catering

If you know Harrison (and if you were paying attention above), you know that no display is complete without sculpted fruits, veggies and NOW... wasabi!

Sauces from scratch:
Asian aioli and ponzu sauce

Roll your own ingredients: 
Smoked salmon, raw tuna, spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, carrot, asparagus, red pepper, shiitake mushroom, purple bell peppers, cucumber, cream cheese

Roll Your Own Suishi

Rollin', rollin', rollin'... Thanks Keelan for the candid!

Roll Your Own Interactive Sushi Stations - Catering

My samples... that are no more.

You want some sushi now don’t you?  Don’t you worry your sweet, little faces.  I made a recipe request for us and he promised to share.   Now, we just need to know: What type of sushi would you like us to make for you?

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