Wanted : New Roommates

Hi there friends.  We’ve missed you so.  We apologize for the lack of posts over the past two weeks.  The thing is, we were out and about meeting some wonderful new friends and spending a little quality time with some special visitors from North Carolina. 

I have to tell you, it was such a breath of fresh air as I was feeling a little cut off from the “real world”.  You see, Harrison has switched to yet another class which has had him working nights and weekends on the line at a tapas restaurant (very cool by the way!). 

That means me, who works from home in a new town, has been stuck fending for herself with two rowdy roommates.  (Note: I would post some of the solo meals I have concocted in his absence but unless you’re a frat guy, you’d probably pass.  But don’t fret, we have some delicious recipes in store for you.. coming very soon!)

In the meantime, I would like to share a glimpse into the shenanigans I put up with while H-Dog is off making culinary magic. Much to the grandparents delight : here’s another gremlin update.

We now have a wonderful new vet, Onion River Animal Hospital, thanks to the fact that both dogs have already “played sick”. 
The Little One:
Had a rash since we arrived in Vermont. 
The Diagnosis: 
Some weird rash “southern dogs get when they move to Vermont”.
Interesting.  My friend Katherine asked me what southern people “get” when they move to Vermont… more on that soon.

Dog Rash

Belly rashes are annoying.

The Big One:
Was whining and whimpering when he laid down, climbed stairs or jumped in the “Commando”.
The Diagnosis:
You might remember, he grew some kahunas and started swimming like a real lab and fetching sticks.  Well, apparently he was trying to hard and pulled a muscle.  Oh, and it’s been confirmed, his head IS abnormally large and it’s tough for his teeny tiny backend to keep up.  Needless to say.  “Someone” now gets to enjoy life on the shore.

Turtle at the beach.

Safely ashore.

The Little One: 
really enjoys sitting on the couch and watching the Food Network and stealing licks of cremees.

Dogs love cremees
Don’t you even think about it.
Dogs watching TV

Literally sitting on the couch like a person. Seriously.

The Big One:
avoids my camera like the plague, running fast so I can’t catch him.  Oh, and now likes to spit out homemade organic dog treats in front of people on the streets. Thanks.


The Little One
spends work days staring at me like a real creeper and enjoys lounging in my face while I’m typing away all day like a machine trying to keep a roof over her head.

The stare down

The stare down. She doesn't blink. It's very creepy. And yes, she has a new harness 🙂

Hope loving life.

So relaxed. Jerk.

The Big One:
continues to guard the window and hates the “9-5″… “boring”, he says. Also, in defiance, around 4pm he starts gnawing on his leg like it is a chicken wing in protest.

Turtle watching the world go by
Office jobs are lame. Hmph.
Turtle bored.

Who does this? Drama king.

And by the time H-Dog arrives home, the little gremlins team up for a cuddle.  Posers.

Dogs love to cuddle

And you wonder why he questions my talk of them being "crazy" during the day.

Until we creep again,
A + H


4 responses

  1. Well chica…it looks like you are spending WAYYYY too much time at home!!! hehehehe!
    Love you and miss you…and brace yo’ self…I think “The Smith’s” will be coming up for a visit this Fall!



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