Divine Taco Intervention – Mad Taco in Waitsfield, Vermont

Dear friends.  Our prayers were answered.  We officially had a divine taco intervention. 

Since we moved to Vermont, we have been on the hunt for authentic Mexican food. We have put feelers out.  We have been misguided into dining at “New England” hispanic restaurants (no bueno).  I, the more introverted one, have jumped into perfect strangers conversations when  I heard the words carnitas and tamales.  And finally, this past weekend one of the ‘tweens Harrison attends culinary school with (kidding.) finally led us in the direction of Mad Taco in Waitsfield Vermont

So, we loaded up in the Suburu (a.k.a. the daddy wagon), cash in hand and journeyed thirty minutes down the gorgeously green back roads of central Vermont to a lovely covered bridge kind of town to get our spice, cilantro, and bold flavor on.

Mad Taco Waitsfield Vermont

Eureka! We found it.

We showed up approx. 30 minutes before they closed (because if you know the Littells, you know we like to close a place down… whether I like it or not).  The staff was accommodating, welcoming and I think got a good kick out of our excitement reading the menu.

Mad Taco Menu Waitsfield Vermont

Apparently, I was so excited my hand was shaking hence to blurry picture.

We had carnitas tacos, chile colorado tacos, and a sweet potato and black bean tamale… and apple juice (for some reason that’s what Harrison thought would quench our thirst?). 

Mad Taco Waitsfield Vermont

Hi friend.

Just delicious.  Homemade tortillas, perfectly smoked meat, fresh cilantro, crunchy onions AND they have a little sauce bar with tons of options on a heat scale from 1 to 10… we’re sure you can guess in which direction we went.  Just wonderful and we’ll be back, that’s for sure. 
Thank you Mad Taco for being in existence.  We salute you.

Side note… a few doors down sits a cremee stand.  Happy. Ending.
North Carolinians, we will cover cremees in a later post.   Get excited, or better yet come visit and we will buy you one and throw in a mad taco.

Country Cremee Stand Waitsfiled Vermont

Harrison. Blue Shirt. On a mission.

Funny side note, this cremee stand also claims to have “homeade Mexican”.  True? Not sure. Random? 100%.

Until we eat again,
A & H

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