T-bone Steak, Cheese, Eggs And Welch’s Grape

Today was Harrison’s last day of his culinary class, Art of Cuisine.  It has been three weeks of creativity, big new words (for moi) and interesting artistic expression.

Take one of his recent assignments for example.  He was told to select a song or style of music and then interpret it into a dish. 

What does he, a.k.a. the oldest guy in the class, choose?  The 90’s east coast hip hop classic “Big Poppa” off Notorious B.I.G’s debut album, Ready to Die. (Ok, yes I too am a fan.)

Big Poppa - Notorious BIG Read to Die

Seriously. I can't make this stuff up.

When he pitched it to me I looked at him sideways and said “I hope you’re not having to play that song for your presentation.”  He darted back, “Babe, this is college.”

Oh yeah, that’s right.  Pardon me.

So, without further a’do… H-dog’s interpretation of the notorious line 
“… a T-bone steak, cheese, eggs and Welch’s grape…”

Steak, cheese, eggs, grape

Medallion of beef with grape and madeira demi, mushroom potato with candied shallot, poached egg with quinelle of goat cheese and a rustic cracker.

Until we freestyle again,

A & H


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