(Fish) Taco Tuesday – Recipe

He grew up in his mom’s busy catering kitchen sampling carefully prepared foie gras, pate and tenderloin.  I grew up with on the go parents nuking hot pockets, chicken tenders and tator tots on the fly. 

Amazingly enough our two very different worlds collided and together we’ve been creating our own home cooked classics ever since.

Example:  In my house, we always had Taco Tuesdays.  Not only was it pretty catchy, but it was a quick fix that my brother and I could cook up if the parents were working late.  And P.S. I’m a pro a browning “taco meat”.

So for this Tuesday, we’re bringing you our inspired version of my family favorite – still a fairly quick fix but with an extra dose of kicked up flavor.

Fish Tacos .. you know you want to make some.

Fish Tacos .. you know you want to make some.

Let’s let loose on some divine fish tacos, shall we?

First up, the all important accompaniments: Guacamole Regional and Citrus Cilantro Slaw.
Starting with our Guacamole Regionale

  • (2) large Roma tomatoes, quartered and deseeded
  • (1) avocado, finely chopped
  • (1/2) red onion, finely chopped
  • (1/2) yellow onion, finely chopped
  • (1) mango, finely chopped
  • (3) tablespoons of jalapeno, finely chopped
  • (1) garlic clove, finely chopped
  • (3) tablespoons of fresh cilantro, chopped
  • (1) tablespoon of sugar
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • (1) lime, juiced
How to finely chop cilantro
A look at finely chopped. Basically you’re looking to cut these ingredients into pieces of roughly the same small size.


Guacamole Ingredients finely chopped and ready for final mixing.

Guacamole ingredients finely chopped and ready for final mixing.

1. Once all your ingredients are finely chopped, chopped, juiced and added, mix that colorful assortment to create your homemade guacamole regionale.

Next up, our Citrus Cilantro Slaw!

Dry Ingredients for the slaw:

  • (10) Brussel sprouts, finely chiffonade
  • (1/2) red onion, julienne
  • (1/2) yellow onion, julienne
  • (1) clove of garlic, finely diced
  • (1/2) red pepper, julienne

1. Combine the above ingredients in a medium bowl.

Brussel Sprout Slaw - Fish Tacos

Love the color in this recipe!

For the slaw’s dressing:

  • (1/3) cup of orange juice
  • (1) lemon, juiced
  • (1/4) cup of cilantro
  • (1/3) cup of olive oil
  • (1/4) cup of cider vinegar
  • (3) tablespoons of honey (I prefer organic raw… yum!)
  • (2) teaspoons of salt
  • (1) teaspoon of pepper
  • (1) teaspoon of red pepper flakes (the hotter the better… well in our opinion that is!)
Fish Taco Slaw Dressing

Just wait until you dip your finger in this ... divine.

2. Combine all of the above dressing ingredients in a separate, medium bowl.
3. Emulsify and taste. 
4. Add salt and pepper to your liking.
5.  Add  three fourths of your dressing to the dry slaw ingredients and blend well.  Reserve the remaining for your fish marinade.

Fish Taco Brussel Sprout Slaw

Love the texture. Here, open up, take a bite.

On to the main event, the fish for our tacos!

    • (1) pound of fresh, local Haddock (feel free to substitute with tuna, grouper, etc), sliced it into chunks

Fish Marinade:

  • (2) tablespoons of cilantro
  • (2) cloves of garlic, finely diced
  • remaining (1/4) of your dressing from up above

1.  Add your marinade to your fish and let it “marinade for a minute”… or better yet, 15, in your fridge in a Ziplock bag.

Haddock Fish Marinade - Fish Tacos

Personally, I think this looks good enough to eat as is.. but it gets better!

2. After your fish has marinated, pull out of the fridge and prepare to sear it my friends.
3. Place a large saute pan on your stove and turn on the heat to medium-low to medium.
4.  Add your fish (and residual marinade) to your saute pan and lightly toss the fish from side to side every 2 to 3 minutes.

Searing fish tacos

If only this picture included smell...

5.  Total cooking time:  roughly 12 minutes.  You are looking for a solid coloring to your fish (no longer opaque).
Side note: if you opted for a fish like tuna or salmon, you can slightly undercook your fish for a more raw finish.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could take it a step further with your own homeade tortillas like we did.  Here is the recipe we used from AllRecipes.com 

Authentic Mexican Tortilla Recipe

We like to call these latin Annie's tortillas...

Once all of the above recipes are complete, lay out your warm tortillas, add your delicious fish and top with hefty portions of guacamole and slaw and all you cheese lovers: lay some freshly shredded goodness on top or sprinkle with a little cotija cheese.

Final step, roll it up and ENJOY!

Haddock Fish Tacos

Roll it up and devour!

Until we eat again,

A & H


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  1. Ok…..I have decided I just need you and your chef-boy-ardee (!!) to reside in a guest house behind my home and make daily meals for the Smith’s….the pay would be a bit crummy, but hell, we would have a great time!!!


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