No Longer Hardcore in Ardmore.

Let us pause this culinary adventure for an update on the gremlins (as requested by their “grandparents,”)

The Big One: 
As skittish as ever, still scared of the moon and ceiling fans.  He now enjoys sitting by the window and growling at hippies, singing opera when he has to wait his turn for a walk,  and has developed a new-found love of swimming and fetching little sticks.

Turtle the Lab conquers his fear of water.

He finally gets in the water! He even grabs a tiny stick like a real Lab. The little one taunts him from the shore.

We felt the need to replace his gangsta prong collar for a friendlier looking Gentle Leader after getting “the look” in the passive new ‘hood.  The company’s website said the Gentle Leader: “painlessly and effectively removes the dog’s natural tendency to pull by placing gentle pressure on calming points and eliminating uncomfortable pressure on the throat.”  He calls bull!&^@ and is ticked.  Plus, we’re pretty sure we killed his street cred.

Turtle the Lab wears an intense prong collar.

Stoic. Gangsta.

Turtle the Lab wears a Gentle Leader.

Embarrassed. Dork.

The Little One:
Off the leash she’s thriving.  She adores cuddling on the couch because pops allows that in Vermont, treading river water like a machine and dragging large objects to shore. 

Hope the Staffordshire carries a giant log.

Seriously. Please scroll back to the big one swimming for comparison.

However on the leash she’s Hannibal Lector’s kid sister.  For real.  People walk the other way when they see us coming.

Hope the Staffordshire wears a Gentle Leader.

Don't let this face fool you. There is nothing gentle about this leader when she's attached.

We’re pretty much at a loss with what to do with the leash situation and are in need of some tried and true recommendations.  Help!

Plan B  – If we don’t hear from you, the little one is going into tractor pulling contests and we’re putting the big one on Glee. About time they started helping with rent anyways…


5 responses

    • I think a harness is definitely in order my friend. Thanks for the suggestion! The vet today recommended lots of treats while on a leash…maybe a dog treat recipe is in store!

    • Jamy, your babies misbehavin’? I don’t believe it for a second. I think we might try a harness on the little one. If it doesn’t work, we’ll just hook her up to a sled in the winter.

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