Baking Out – Bread And Cookies, Check!

Well folks.  Today marks the end of H dog’s last day in Intro to Baking.  We came. I ate.  He conquered.  It’s been 3 weeks of carb nirvana. 

Baking Cookies in Vermont

I have learned terms like ‘proof the dough’, amylase and that retard is a verb. I have also watched new “must have” baking gadgets enter our jam-packed kitchen cupboards on the reg. 

How To Roll Dough

I have mistakenly categorized beginning bread batches as “Pizza Hut dough-like.”   

Baking Bread - Basics

I have eaten challah bread, brioche bread, yeast dough bread, french bread, whole wheat bread, cracked whole wheat bread, whole wheat bread topped with oats, white bread, cinnamon raisin bread.  I have consumed ungodly amounts of cinnamon sugar cookies, chocolate health bar and almond cookies, pumpkin and black walnut cookies, oatmeal and golden raisin cookies – and new-found favorite – ginger and molasses cookies.  I usually taste test them all for breakfast. 

Raisin Bread, White Bread, Wheat Bread, Oat Bread

Each new sample better than the last and each taste followed with a thumbs up and, “now that’s a good (insert latest baked good name here).”

Bread Making Skills Get A Thumbs Up

In the end, I’m here to tell you, the boy can now bake like nobody’s business.  Can’t wait to see what the next 3 weeks will bring.

Until we bake again,

A & H


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