Cut that Ribbon and Hit the Road

Just breathe…

That’s what I am finally remembering to do these days.  We both really are now that we’re finally settling into this (surprisingly hot as *&%& with no air conditioner) New England life. 

May was a whirlwind, a good whirlwind, but nevertheless. 

Let’s see…

We showed and showed and showed our house and then sold our house (with plenty of glorious punch list items in between).  Thanks for all of your help Cathy Bailey of Prudential Carolinas *plug, plug*!

Sold Winston Salem House - thank you Cathy Bailey!

Dramatization.... actual reaction less glamorous.

He worked and worked and worked and cooked and cooked and cooked at the family catering business (and successfully pulled off the largest event of his career thus far… cue confetti!).  

We had going away parties with friends that mean the world…AND also became the running joke for having so many going away parties (Are you SURE you’re really going?” they said)

He also turned 30 and I threw him a rockin’ surprise birthday party (in part because he said I never could).

30th Birthday

Yep, that's about right.

Oh, and I ran around like a loony toon prepping for and promoting the big opening of my company’s new event facility, all while working on freelance projects in between. 

Looney Toon Littell

(Kind of) a dramatization...

May was a mutha… er, I mean a whirlwind.  But, a good whirlwind nevertheless.

It’s only fitting that May concluded with probably two of the (top ten) most special moments in my life. 

I was there to watch the ribbon cut and crowds fill the facility that I have been marketing before it even had a name (and my family was there to see it all).

Ribbon Cutting Event

Photo by Autumn Song Photography

And then, I put the final moving boxes in my Jeep and rode off the next morning with two of my closest friends to join my husband to kick off an experience we won’t soon forget.

June starts the journey, sure to be another whirlwind, nevertheless.


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